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Tampere, FI

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Developmental Injury

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 - JUNE 10, 2022

Research reveals the powerful impact that early childhood adversity, attachment disruption, and chronic stress play in our clients' current lives. Early attachment experiences and the environment shape biology, brain development, somatic structures, perception, meaning making, and patterns of relating. This learning sits deep within, in our implicit and procedural memory. Difficulty managing relationships, depression, anxiety, somatic complaints, and addiction have roots in these early experiences and the resulting adaptations.

This training equips therapists with the skills, maps, and foundational principles needed to understand and address the challenging issues of developmental meaning, attachment patterns, emotional processing, and adaptive strategies to engage the wisdom of the body for healing and growth, and employ effective somatic interventions in a neurobiologically consistent manner.

This training provides the theoretical foundation to approach developmental injury from three avenues: working with adaptive strategies, child states of consciousness, and the therapeutic dyad.

Participants will learn skills for working somatically and relationally with limiting patterns and core injuries that their clients' present.

Tuition: 4900 EUR + VAT

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Training Dates:

  1. September 15-17, 2021
  2. December 1-3, 2021
  3. January 19-21, 2022
  4. March 16-18, 2022
  5. April 20-22, 2022
  6. May 18-20, 2022
  7. June 8-10, 2022
Times: TBA
Location: TBD, Tampere.
Trainers: Marko Punkanen, Anthony Buckley
Tuition: 4,900 EUR.

Successful completion of "Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Trauma" (Level I)

Contact: SPI Admissions, 3034473290,
Local Contact: Marko Punkanen,