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Training Detail

Utrecht, Netherlands

Trauma-informed Bodywork: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Stabilization and Embodiment of Traumatized Clients

MARCH 13, 2023 - MARCH 15, 2023

This Training will be taught in Dutch.

Trauma-informed bodywork equips practitioners to better understand the symptoms and issues related to trauma and attachment and to work with clients in a more safe and constructive way. With a neurobiological understanding of the presenting problems of these clients and equipped with resourcing interventions that speak directly to how the issues are driven by the body and the nervous system, students will be able to work with clients with a range of challenges from emotional regulation and stabilization to embodiment and integration.

The Trauma-informed bodywork training presents simple, body-oriented interventions for tracking, naming, and safely stabilizing trauma-related somatic activation, creating new competencies, and restoring a somatic sense of self. Techniques are taught within a phase-oriented treatment approach, focusing on stabilization and symptom reduction. Sensorimotor Trauma-informed bodywork can support easily and effectively psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and EMDR-focused treatments.

Course Structure

The Trauma-informed bodywork training consists of 18 contact hours in a 3-day module.

The module is accompanied by a handout in which the slides that are used in the lecture are printed.

The didactical means are theoretical instructions, video, and live demonstrations as well as practical exercises.

Training Application (external website)

Training Dates:

  1. March 13-15, 2023
Times: 9.00-17.00
Location: Bollenhofsestraat, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Trainers: Hanneke Kalisvaart, PhD
Tuition: 850 EUR.
Contact: Support SPI,