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Live Webinar, Online

Healing Traumatic Wounds: A Brief Therapy Model for the Treatment of Trauma

MAY 26, 2021

Neuroscience research has conclusively established that trauma results in a 'living legacy' of enduring nonverbal effects rather than a coherent narrative. Long after an event is over, the survival responses meant to warn us of impending danger remain easily re-activated, evoking emotional and body memories.

Treatment methods focused on the traumatic events can prolong treatment by stimulating these symptoms, leaving therapists who work in short-term therapy settings feeling frustrated with their ability to help traumatized individuals, especially when their clients are suicidal and self-destructive.

The evolution of new, neurobiologically-informed treatments offer hopeful answers to the aftermath of trauma, and, more importantly, these approaches can also be adapted to a short-term model of therapy.

Rather than 'treating' the events that resulted in this legacy, neuroscience teaches us how to treat their effects.

The neurobiological logic of this way of working with trauma reassures survivors that they are not inadequate or crazy and reassures the therapist that the effects of traumatic experiences can be safely addressed even in a brief therapy.

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Location: Online, Live Webinar, Online.
Instructor: Janina Fisher, PhD
Tuition: 48 USD.
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